I love Indian food, of course, but where to eat really GOOD Indian food? Where to eat GOOD, TASTY, VEGETARIAN Indian food? At Bawarchi.

I came the first time with my friend and mystic colleague Dean, who is actually vegan, by the way. One of the most striking things I found, was that the average of dishes there were ‘mild’ in comparison to other Indian restaurants around the area. I said ‘mild,’ but I actually meant well made, a little hot, but still allowing one to taste the distinctive flavor of every spice they used. Because of this, I became their fan from the first time that I visited them.

Bawarchi is owned by nice, humble and friendly people. Everything in there tastes awesome. Their Chai tea is amazing!

I think I closed the restaurant tonight. They saved my life after long computer hours. It has become such a routine on the weekends for me to pass by at least once.

Healthy, affordable, pleasant…what else can I say?

Oh, yes, Pistachio Rasmallai is my fave! Yum!

Try it out. I bet you’ll like it too!

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