I did not know I had a ‘sweet tooth’ till I discovered Lido Bakery. Now I go there almost every day on my lunch break. I always buy their lemon bars and their coffee, which is truly the strongest coffee in the neighborhood, and way better than Starbucks or Coffee Bean…I mean, pure espresso that keeps me jumping up and down at the office and makes my boss wonder why am I such a workaholic nerd!

Their key lime pies, I swear, they’re out of this world. There is no diet yet invented that can beat the challenge of making me resist to such a pleasure. It’s amazing, and they do not bake them everyday…so, you know, get them while you can, ’cause otherwise…they’ll be in my mouth…


Cakes, pastries, croissants, catering…sweet!

Seriously, these people need more locations.

I am trying to convince my friend Ernesto that he needs to expand his business. After all, he is the only one I know that can make a cake look like a Victoria Secret’s underwear.

Check this out, it’s a cake:

Let’s all make it happen. Cheers for more Lido Bakeries, and why not? Maybe ‘Lido Cafes.’

Can’t be missed!

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