Sunny but chilly,  the weather was pleasant around the Los Angeles Convention Center this afternoon when I went to visit the Comikaze Expo 2011. I had a wonderful time in the company of some colleagues and friends, who were there in support of a very creative and humanitarian project named,“Save the Pearls.” 

The show was crowded and regrettably I couldn’t stay for too long because of my daily duties. However, it was something that surely everyone would love to see and I highly recommend it just for fun. They will be there tomorrow as well.

I also had the opportunity to meet my friend and ex-classmate Michael Jannol (from one of my Networking classes), and we both engaged in silly jokes about our teachers and classes at SMC.  It’s good, though…we’re not haters.

Yes, I sniffed some pics…not as many as I would have liked…but some!

Love & Fun,