How wonderful, how sparkling is Klein’s smile when one of his students visits his bookstore in Venice. Such a cozy place, filled with piles of priceless, rare mystical books extremely difficult to find anywhere else. I was bewitched by its ambiance, blissful and profound.

Klein is a solid English Literature professor at Santa Monica College. His teaching style comes from the perspective of an accomplished creative writer. He introduces his students to a world of poetic thought and guides them to find the critical points on each masterpiece discussed in class.

I had the opportunity to take my English II class with him and was delighted with his selection of works, from Haiku to Villanelle, from Poe to Tennessee Williams. I enjoyed it remendously and learned a lot. My classmates were all bright and dedicated. When I visited Klein’s place last time he mentioned that it had been the hardest class to grade because all of his students were so great and he was so pleased. So I posted pictures of the class. I had to jump on top of his desk and only my forehead shows, :) .

Klein’s bookstore is one of a kind. I strongly recommend it. One never knows what kind of treasure can be found in there.

Klein has published three books of his own: “The Way To Mt. Lowe,” “Mrs. Rahlo’s Closet” and “The History Of Our World Beyond The Wave.” I wrote a critique about the latter which can be found on another post. I thankfully embraced the challenge of critiquing a fantasy adventure, and most importantly, that one of critiquing my own teacher’s work. But it was worthy, how worthy it was! Klein is a master of his imagination.

Sharing my love with you all.

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